Bar Yohai - Jewish Community in the Heart of Silicon Valley

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Bar Yohai has been a cornerstone of the Jewish Community of Sunnyvale and the nearby area for more than 20 years.

Distinguished by its warmth, tolerance, and inclusivity, Bar Yohai offers vibrant services, exciting Holiday programs, weekly youth groups, and diverse opportunities for Jewish learning.

The congregation is closely linked to South Penin­sula Hebrew Day School (SPHDS), a Modern Ortho­dox primary and middle school providing first-rate secular and Jewish education for more than 250 chil­dren from around the Bay area.


Pesach Announcements
Hagalat Kelim
The service will be available on Sunday, March 29, from 12:30pm to 2pm, at Bar Yohai. Items that may be kashered include metal or wooden items that have been used for cooking. Some opinions hold that it's permitted to kasher plastic cooking goods, as well, so these may be included if desired. Prior to doing Hagalah, all items must be cleaned thoroughly (including cracks and around the handles, tops etc). Additionally, the items should not be used for 24 hours prior to Hagalah.

Selling the Chametz
For those who wish, Rabbi Maimon will handle the selling of the Chametz on their behalf. To enter into this transaction, please complete the form
provided here and return it to the office. You will need to list items you wish to sell and where you will store them. Items should be sealed from Friday morning Erev Pesach through the end of the Chag. Chametz that is sold can be used two hours after the conclusion of the Chag. Rabbi Maimon will be available after Shacharit every day and after Mincha/Arvit or during office hours mentioned below. For those who will be away during the Chag the sale can be effective effective from the day before the Chag.

Siyom on Erev Pesach
All first born men are supposed to fast on Erev Pesach. To avoid the fast one can come to Tefilah on Erev Pesach to hear the Siyom starting at approx 7:15 am
Special class on how to make a meaningful and exciting Seder will be on Wednesday night at 7:50 pm.