Weekly Classes

Here is a list of all the classes given by Rabbi Poupko.

NEW Class starting this Monday.
Monday night at 9:00 – Hilchot Shabbat.

The class will begin with Hilchot Kiddush and Havdalah.

This class will only be on zoom. See below for zoom link.

Tuesday night at 8:00- Torah Study

This class studies the Torah in order. We are currently up to Parshat Vayishlach, and we generally study one chapter every week. The class takes place in a private home in Palo Alto and is also available on zoom. For address information, please contact the Rabbi.

Wednesday night at 8:00- Highlights of the Weekly Parsha.

This is a study of the weekly portion. I generally pick out a few big items from the Parsha to study and discuss. This class takes place in a private home in Burlingame and is also on zoom.

Thursday night at 9:00- Mishmar in BYSM

Join us for a unique study of Sefer Yehoshua and following the shiur everyone is invited to enjoy some cholent. The class will take place in BYSM. Please contact the Rabbi if you would like a zoom option.

All the above classes are offered for men and women.

Here is the zoom link for all the above classes.


Here is a list of all the classes given by R’ Dan Tobaly.

Daily class

On all weeknights, R’ Tobaly will be in BYSM after Arvit for 90 Minutes teaching the works of Ramchal and Gemara.

On Tuesday night, instead of Gemara, the subject of the class will be Business Halacha.

Bar Mitzvah class

R’ Tobaly is currently giving a Bar Mitzvah class to a few boys on Sunday mornings. If you would like to hear more information on joining this group, please contact R’ Tobaly

Shalom Bayit class

On Monday night- R’ Tobaly gives a class on Shalom Bayit in a private home. To find out if the class is for you, please contact R’ Tobaly. (Hebrew)

Here is a list of all the classes given by R’ Shenhav Bendel.

Every morning, R’ Shenhav gives a class on Halacha immediately following Shacharit.

Monday night at 8:30- Divrei Mussar from the Parsha in a private home in San Jose. (Hebrew)

Wednesday night at 8:45- A shiur on the Parsha in a private home in Sunnyvale. This class is attended to by  (Hebrew)

Please contact R’ Shenhav for address information.


Parsha with Rabbi Avi Leibowitz on Monday Night.


There are also many learning opportunities on Shabbat. That information can be found on the weekly updates.